We at Triple E Developments believe that every member of our community should have the basic necessities of life. It shouldn’t be a struggle to have a roof over your head and healthy food to eat. These are foundational necessities that we all need to survive and to thrive.

Yet, one in five Winkler families is living below the poverty line. 12% of households are spending more than half of their monthly income on shelter costs. Approximately 40–60 families visit the Winkler Food Cupboard every week, averaging 7 visits per year. This tells us that there are far too many people living under pressure to provide these basic needs for their families.

We want to invite YOU, our friends and partners, to help us impact our community in a lasting way by supporting the first annual Triple E Developments Charity Open. Our range of sponsorship packages ensure there is an opportunity for everyone to make a difference. Sign up below, or contact us at info@triplee.ca for more information.

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